Tsinghua Science and Technology


relation extraction, piecewise convolution neural network, adversarial training, generative adversarial network


Most supervised methods for relation extraction (RE) involve time-consuming human annotation. Distant supervision for RE is an efficient method to obtain large corpora that contains thousands of instances and various relations. However, the existing approaches rely heavily on knowledge bases (e.g., Freebase), thereby introducing data noise. Various relations and noisy labeling instances make the issue difficult to solve. In this study, we propose a model based on a piecewise convolution neural network with adversarial training. Inspired by generative adversarial networks, we adopt a heuristic algorithm to identify noisy datasets and apply adversarial training to RE. Experiments on the extended dataset of SemEval-2010 Task 8 show that our model can obtain more accurate training data for RE and significantly outperforms several competitive baseline models. Our model has an F1 score of 89.61%.