Tsinghua Science and Technology


user privacy protection, evaluation and ranking, perfeormance balance


As the main parent and guardian, mothers are often concerned with the study performance of their children. More specifically, most mothers are eager to know the concrete examination scores of their children. However, with the continuous progress of modern education systems, most schools or teachers have now been forbidden to release sensitive student examination scores to the public due to privacy concerns, which has made it infeasible for mothers to know the real study level or examination performance of their children. Therefore, a conflict has come to exist between teachers and mothers, which harms the general growing up of students in their study. In view of this challenge, we propose a Privacy-aware Examination Results Ranking (PERR) method to attempt at balancing teachers’ privacy disclosure concerns and the mothers’ concerns over their children’s examination performance. By drawing on a relevant case study, we prove the effectiveness of the proposed PERR method in evaluating and ranking students according to their examination scores while at the same time securing sensitive student information.