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Efficient Top/Bottom-


exploratory analytic, top-, bottom-, spatial database


Spatial databases store objects with their locations and certain types of attached items. A variety of modern applications have been developed by leveraging the utilization of locations and items in spatial objects, such as searching points of interest, hot topics, or users’ attitude in specified spatial regions. In many scenarios, the high and low-frequency items in a spatial region are worth noticing, considering they represent the majority’s interest or eccentric users’ opinion. However, existing works have yet to identify such items in an interactive manner, despite the significance of the endeavor in decision-making systems. This study recognizes a novel type of analytical query, called top/bottom-k fraction query, to discover such items in spatial databases. To achieve fast query response, we propose a multilayered data summary that is spread out across the main memory and external memory. A memory-based estimation method for top/bottom-k fraction queries is proposed. To maximize the use of the main memory space, we design a data summary tuning method to dynamically allocate memory space among different spatial partitions. The proposed approach is evaluated with real-life datasets and synthetic datasets in terms of estimation accuracy. Evaluation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed data summary and corresponding estimation and tuning algorithms.