Tsinghua Science and Technology


anomaly detection, transfer learning, deep learning, Industrial Control System (ICS)


Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) are the lifeline of a country. Therefore, the anomaly detection of ICS traffic is an important endeavor. This paper proposes a model based on a deep residual Convolution Neural Network (CNN) to prevent gradient explosion or gradient disappearance and guarantee accuracy. The developed methodology addresses two limitations: most traditional machine learning methods can only detect known network attacks and deep learning algorithms require a long time to train. The utilization of transfer learning under the modification of the existing residual CNN structure guarantees the detection of unknown attacks. One-dimensional ICS flow data are converted into two-dimensional grayscale images to take full advantage of the features of CNN. Results show that the proposed method achieves a high score and solves the time problem associated with deep learning model training. The model can give reliable predictions for unknown or differently distributed abnormal data through short-term training. Thus, the proposed model ensures the safety of ICSs and verifies the feasibility of transfer learning for ICS anomaly detection.


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