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Field-Effect Transistor (FET), compact model, ambipolar transport, Landauer formula, Pao-Sah model, virtual source


Three main ambipolar compact models for Two-Dimensional (2D) materials based Field-Effect Transistors (2D-FETs) are reviewed: (1) Landauer model, (2) 2D Pao-Sah model, and (3) virtual Source Emission-Diffusion (VSED) model. For the Landauer model, the Gauss quadrature method is applied, and it summarizes all kinds of variants, exhibiting its state-of-art. For the 2D Pao-Sah model, the aspects of its theoretical fundamentals are rederived, and the electrostatic potentials of electrons and holes are clarified. A brief development history is compiled for the VSED model. In summary, the Landauer model is naturally appropriate for the ballistic transport of short channels, and the 2D Pao-Sah model is applicable to long-channel devices. By contrast, the VSED model offers a smooth transition between ultimate cases. These three models cover a fairly completed channel length range, which enables researchers to choose the appropriate compact model for their works.


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