Tsinghua Science and Technology


Quantum Annealing (QA), annealing schedule, quantum tunneling, optimization problem


With the slow progress of universal quantum computers, studies on the feasibility of optimization by a dedicated and quantum-annealing-based annealer are important. The quantum principle is expected to utilize the quantum tunneling effects to find the optimal solutions for the exponential-level problems while classical annealing may be affected by the initializations. This study constructs a new Quantum-Inspired Annealing (QIA) framework to explore the potentials of quantum annealing for solving Ising model with comparisons to the classical one. Through various configurations of the 1D Ising model, the new framework can achieve ground state, corresponding to the optimum of classical problems, with higher probability up to 28% versus classical counterpart (22% in case). This condition not only reveals the potential of quantum annealing for solving the Ising-like Hamiltonian, but also contributes to an improved understanding and use of the quantum annealer for various applications in the future.


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