Tsinghua Science and Technology


smart learning, e-learning, online learning style, adaptive recommendation, Collaborative Filtering (CF)


Smart learning systems provide relevant learning resources as a personalized bespoke package for learners based on their pedagogical needs and individual preferences. This paper introduces a learning style model to represent features of online learners. It also presents an enhanced recommendation method named Adaptive Recommendation based on Online Learning Style (AROLS), which implements learning resource adaptation by mining learners’ behavioral data. First, AROLS creates learner clusters according to their online learning styles. Second, it applies Collaborative Filtering (CF) and association rule mining to extract the preferences and behavioral patterns of each cluster. Finally, it generates a personalized recommendation set of variable size. A real-world dataset is employed for some experiments. Results show that our online learning style model is conducive to the learners’ data mining, and AROLS evidently outperforms the traditional CF method.


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