Tsinghua Science and Technology


dynamic Quality of Service (QoS) prediction, time-aware, service recommendation


Dynamic Quality of Service (QoS) prediction for services is currently a hot topic and a challenge for research in the fields of service recommendation and composition. Our paper addresses the problem with a Time-aWare service Quality Prediction method (named TWQP), a two-phase approach with one phase based on historical time slices and one on the current time slice. In the first phase, if the user had invoked the service in a previous time slice, the QoS value for the user calling the service on the next time slice is predicted on the basis of the historical QoS data; if the user had not invoked the service in a previous time slice, then the Covering Algorithm (CA) is applied to predict the missing values. In the second phase, we predict the missing values for the current time slice according to the results of the previous phase. A large number of experiments on a real-world dataset, WS-Dream, show that, when compared with the classical QoS prediction algorithms, our proposed method greatly improves the prediction accuracy.


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