Tsinghua Science and Technology


crowdsourcing, localization, multimedia, mobile computing


Camera-equipped mobile devices are encouraging people to take more photos and the development and growth of social networks is making it increasingly popular to share photos online. When objects appear in overlapping Fields Of View (FOV), this means that they are drawing much attention and thus indicates their popularity. Successfully discovering and locating these objects can be very useful for many applications, such as criminal investigations, event summaries, and crowdsourcing-based Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Existing methods require either prior knowledge of the environment or intentional photographing. In this paper, we propose a seamless approach called “Spotlight”, which performs passive localization using crowdsourced photos. Using a graph-based model, we combine object images across multiple camera views. Within each set of combined object images, a photographing map is built on which object localization is performed using plane geometry. We evaluate the system’s localization accuracy using photos taken in various scenarios, with the results showing our approach to be effective for passive object localization and to achieve a high level of accuracy.


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