Tsinghua Science and Technology


multi-label manifold learning, local topological structure, regularized least squares kernel method


In the fields of machine learning and data mining, label learning is a nascent area of research, and within this paradigm, there is much room for improving multi-label manifold learning algorithms for high-dimensional data. Thus far, researchers have experimented with mapping relationships from the feature space to the traditional logical label space (using neighbors in the label space, for example, to predict logical label vectors from the feature space’s manifold structure). Here we combine the feature manifold’s and label space’s local topological structures to reconstruct the label manifold. To achieve this, we use a nonlinear manifold learning algorithm to transform the local topological structure from the feature space to the label space. Our algorithm adopts a regularized least-squares kernel method to realize the reconstruction process, employing an optimization function to find the best solution. Extensive experiments show that our algorithm significantly improves multi-label manifold learning in terms of learning accuracy and time complexity.


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