Tsinghua Science and Technology


dynamic reactive power optimization, filter collaborative state transition algorithm, Ward & Hale 6 bus, IEEE 14 bus, IEEE 30 bus


Dynamic Reactive Power Optimization (DRPO) is a large-scale, multi-period, and strongly coupled nonlinear mixed-integer programming problem that is difficult to solve directly. First, to handle discrete variables and switching operation constraints, DRPO is formulated as a nonlinear constrained two-objective optimization problem in this paper. The first objective is to minimize the real power loss and the Total Voltage Deviations (TVDs), and the second objective is to minimize incremental system loss. Then a Filter Collaborative State Transition Algorithm (FCSTA) is presented for solving DRPO problems. Two populations corresponding to two different objectives are employed. Moreover, the filter technique is utilized to deal with constraints. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated through the results obtained for a 24-hour test on Ward & Hale 6 bus, IEEE 14 bus, and IEEE 30 bus test power systems. To substantiate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithms, the obtained results are compared with different approaches in the literature.


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