Tsinghua Science and Technology


e-commerce, personalized portal, accurate demand, reliable supply, smart cyberspace


E-commerce, driven by computer and internet technology, has experienced a significant growth in almost all fields during the past two decades. E-commerce has significantly changed the rules of business. Numerous research institutions and enterprises have made e-commerce more intelligent and convenient. Here, we propose a novel prototype of next-generation e-commerce platform with an architecture framework and theoretical models. Each subject, including the individual, enterprise, and administrative department, has his/her personalized portal to complete the subject information synchronization, supply release, demand satisfaction, and social contact. By using the personalized portal, instead of the traditional trading platform, the consumers and suppliers can complete intelligent matching transactions without intermediate traders. Moreover, the overall transaction process can be reviewed, making the transaction safer, more transparent, and more interesting. Moreover, the interconnected personalized portals solve the isolated islands of information, and the counterparts support parallel processing. Thus, this may improve the operating efficiency of the entire society.


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