Tsinghua Science and Technology


relay-assisted network, relay selection, stochastic dynamic program


A Relay-Assisted (RA) network with relay selection is considered as a type of effective technology to improve the spectrum and energy efficiency of a cellular network. However, loading balance of the assisted relay node becomes an inevitable bottleneck in RA network development because users do not follow uniform distribution. Furthermore, the time-varying channel condition of wireless communication is also a major challenge for the RA network with relay selection. To solve these problems and improve the practicability of the RA network, a Loading Balance-Relay Selective (LBRS) strategy is proposed for the RA network in this paper. The proposed LBRS strategy formulates the relay selection of the RA network under imperfect channel state information assumption as a Multistage Decision (MD) problem. An optimal algorithm is also investigated to solve the proposed MD problem based on stochastic dynamic program. Numerical results show that the performance of the LBRS strategy is better than that of traditional greedy algorithm and the former is effective as an exhaustive search-based method.


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