Tsinghua Science and Technology


dynamic measurement, trusted cloud, vTPM, trusted attestation


Trusted attestation is the main obstruction preventing large-scale promotion of cloud computing. How to extend a trusted relationship from a single physical node to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform is a problem that must be solved. The IaaS platform provides the Virtual Machine (VM), and the Trusted VM, equipped with a virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM), is the foundation of the trusted IaaS platform. We propose a multi-dimensional trusted attestation architecture that can collect and verify trusted attestation information from the computing nodes, and manage the information centrally on a cloud management platform. The architecture verifies the IaaS’s trusted attestation by apprising the VM, Hypervisor, and host Operating System’s (OS) trusted status. The theory and the technology roadmap were introduced, and the key technologies were analyzed. The key technologies include dynamic measurement of the Hypervisor at the process level, the protection of vTPM instances, the reinforcement of Hypervisor security, and the verification of the IaaS trusted attestation. A prototype was deployed to verify the feasibility of the system. The advantages of the prototype system were compared with the Open CIT (Intel Cloud attestation solution). A performance analysis experiment was performed on computing nodes and the results show that the performance loss is within an acceptable range.


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