Tsinghua Science and Technology


Internet of Things (IoT), cellular networks, cost minimization


Nowadays, with the new techniques available in hardware and software, data requests generated by applications of mobile devices have grown explosively. The large amount of data requests and their responses lead to heavy traffic in cellular networks. To alleviate the transmission workload, offloading techniques have been proposed, where a cellular network distributes some popular data items to other wireless networks, so that users can directly download these data items from the wireless network around them instead of the cellular network. In this paper, we design a Cost Saving Offloading System (CoSOS), where the Internet of Things (IoT) is used to undertake partial data traffic and save more bandwidth for the cellular network. Two types of algorithms are proposed to handle the popular data items distribution among users. The experimental results show that CoSOS is useful in saving bandwidth and decreasing the cost for cellular networks.


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