Tsinghua Science and Technology


delay tolerant networks, node willingness, routing algorithm, geographic information, forwarding process


In Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs), some routing algorithms ignore that most nodes are selfish, i.e., nodes are willing to use their own resources to forward messages to nodes with whom they have a relationship. In view of this phenomenon, we propose a routing algorithm based on Geographic Information and Node Selfishness (GINS). To choose a forwarding node, GINS combines nodes’ willingness to forward and their geographic information to maximize the possibility of contacting the destination. GINS formulates the message forwarding process as a 0-1 Knapsack Problem with Assignment Restrictions to satisfy node demands for selfishness. Extensive simulations were conducted, and results show that GINS can achieve a high delivery ratio and a lower hop count compared with GRONE and LPHU. Furthermore, its overhead ratio is 25% and 30% less than that of GRONE and LPHU, respectively.


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