Tsinghua Science and Technology


steganography, video, secret sharing, error-correcting code, robustness, grey relational analysis, partition mode


In this paper, we analyze the video steganography technique, which is used to ensure national security and the confidentiality of the information of governmental agencies and enterprises. Videos may be used to transmit secrets and conduct covert communication. As such, we present an algorithm based on a secret sharing scheme and an Error-Correcting Code (ECC), which combines Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) with a partition mode in video compression standard H.264/AVC. First, we process secret information by secret sharing, and then use an ECC to process the obtained information. Moreover, we choose the Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) blocks using GRA, and then use rules to hide the pretreated information in DCT coefficients of the video frames. Experimental results indicate that our algorithm has good invisibility, better robustness, good anti-steganalysis ability, and little influence on the bit rate of the video carrier. In addition, the bit error rate is low after attacks such as noise, filtering, or frame loss in the simulation environment.


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