Tsinghua Science and Technology


multiview video, view synthesis, video editing, color correction, survey


Multiview video can provide more immersive perception than traditional single 2-D video. It enables both interactive free navigation applications as well as high-end autostereoscopic displays on which multiple users can perceive genuine 3-D content without glasses. The multiview format also comprises much more visual information than classical 2-D or stereo 3-D content, which makes it possible to perform various interesting editing operations both on pixel-level and object-level. This survey provides a comprehensive review of existing multiview video synthesis and editing algorithms and applications. For each topic, the related technologies in classical 2-D image and video processing are reviewed. We then continue to the discussion of recent advanced techniques for multiview video virtual view synthesis and various interactive editing applications. Due to the ongoing progress on multiview video synthesis and editing, we can foresee more and more immersive 3-D video applications will appear in the future.


Tsinghua University Press