Tsinghua Science and Technology


VANET, message authentication, batch verification, privacy-preserve, elliptic curve


Vehicle Ad hoc NETworks (VANET) can enhance traffic safety and improve traffic efficiency through cooperative communication among vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and traffic management centers. To guarantee secure service provision in VANET, message authentication is important. Moreover, a vehicle user’s private information can also be leaked during service provision. A protection mechanism is needed to prevent such leakage. Therefore, we propose a conditional privacy-preserving and authentication scheme for secure service provision in VANETs. The proposed scheme not only satisfies the security requirements of VANETs, but also optimizes the calculation process of signature generation and verification. We carry out a detailed comparative analysis. The result shows that the proposed scheme is more efficient than existing schemes in terms of communication overhead and computational cost. Therefore, our scheme is suitable for secure service provision in VANETs.


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