Tsinghua Science and Technology


data tuple, Big Personal Data, positive grading, reverse pricing, pricing model


Big Personal Data is growing explosively. Consequently, an increasing number of internet users are drowning in a sea of data. Big Personal Data has enormous commercial value; it is a new kind of data asset. An urgent problem has thus arisen in the data market: How to price Big Personal Data fairly and reasonably. This paper proposes a pricing model for Big Personal Data based on tuple granularity, with the help of comparative analysis of existing data pricing models and strategies. This model is put forward to implement positive rating and reverse pricing for Big Personal Data by investigating data attributes that affect data value, and analyzing how the value of data tuples varies with information entropy, weight value, data reference index, cost, and other factors. The model can be adjusted dynamically according to these parameters. With increases in data scale, reductions in its cost, and improvements in its quality, Big Personal Data users can thereby obtain greater benefits.


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