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carbon nanotube, thin-film transistor, synapse, excitatory postsynaptic current, short-term memory


Short-Term Memory (STM) is a primary capability of the human brain. Humans use STM to remember a small amount of information, like someone’s phone number, for a short period of time. Usually the duration of STM is less than 1 minute. Synapses, the connections between neurons, are of vital importance to memory in biological brains. For mimicking the memory function of synapses, Carbon Nanotube (CNT) networks based thin-film transistors with Electric Double Layers (EDL) at the dielectric/channel interface were researched in this work. A response characteristic of pre-synaptic potential pulses on the gate electrode of this CNT synaptic transistor was shown remarkably similar to Excitatory Post-Synaptic Current (EPSC) of biological synapses. Also a multi-level modulatable STM of CNT synaptic transistors was investigated. Post-synaptic current was shown with tunable peak values, on-off ratio, and relaxation time.


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