Tsinghua Science and Technology


secure two-party computation, privacy-preserving, wireless sensor networks, scalar product, distance calculation, privacy homomorphism


Numerous privacy-preserving issues have emerged along with the fast development of the Internet of Things. In addressing privacy protection problems in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), secure multi-party computation is considered vital, where obtaining the Euclidian distance between two nodes with no disclosure of either side’s secrets has become the focus of location-privacy-related applications. This paper proposes a novel Privacy-Preserving Scalar Product Protocol (PPSPP) for wireless sensor networks. Based on PPSPP, we then propose a Homomorphic-Encryption-based Euclidean Distance Protocol (HEEDP) without third parties. This protocol can achieve secure distance computation between two sensor nodes. Correctness proofs of PPSPP and HEEDP are provided, followed by security validation and analysis. Performance evaluations via comparisons among similar protocols demonstrate that HEEDP is superior; it is most efficient in terms of both communication and computation on a wide range of data types, especially in wireless sensor networks.


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