Tsinghua Science and Technology


SoftMan, robot, syncretic system, organization model, task allocation, game theory


At present, robot embedded systems have some common problems such as closure and poor dynamic evolution. Aiming at resolving this situation, our paper focuses on improvements to the robot embedded system and sets up a new robot system architecture, and we propose a syncretic mechanism of a robot and SoftMan (SM). In the syncretic system, the structural organization of the SoftMan group and its modes are particularly important in establishing the task coordination mechanism. This paper, therefore, proposes a coordination organization model based on the SoftMan group, and studies in detail the process of task allocation for resource contention, which facilitates a rational allocation of system resources. During our research, we introduced Resource Requirement Length Algorithm (RRLA) to calculate the resource requirements of the task and a resource conformity degree allocation algorithm of Resource Conformity Degree Algorithm (RCDA) for resource contention. Finally, a comparative evaluation of RCDA with five other frequently used task allocation algorithms shows that RCDA has higher success and accuracy rates with good stability and reliability.


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