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Chinese Pulse Condition Acquisition System (CPCAS), traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese pulse diagnosis, symptoms recognition, wireless sensor network


Nowadays, with improvements in the quality of life, people are paying more attention to their health. Traditional Chinese medicine offers great advantages for daily care. In this paper, we present the development of a remote health care system, namely, Chinese Pulse Condition Acquisition System (CPCAS), based on the principle of Chinese pulse diagnosis in Chinese medicine and a wireless sensor network. We designed a remote health care terminal with a mini-pulse collection bench to overcome the challenge of differences in pulse characters of different people. An effective measured pressure control algorithm is proposed to achieve a balance between control accuracy and control time. The special signal conditioning circuit showed good performance in analog pulse signal processing. We also performed significant research to address the challenges of symptom recognition. Other distinctive features of this system include the following: intelligent sensing, a wireless health care network, effective energy management, small size, lightweight, and the ability to be networked for remote management. In this paper, we have introduced the design and implementation of CPCAS. We also demonstrate the use of the system and give evaluations on this system by several experiments. Our results indicate that CPCAS has significant practical feasibility.


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