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public key cryptosystem, key exchange, Multivariate Public Key Cryptography (MPKC), Morphism of Polynomials (MP) problem


During the last two decades, there has been intensive and fast development in Multivariate Public Key Cryptography (MPKC), which is considered to be an important candidate for post-quantum cryptography. However, it is universally regarded as a difficult task, as in the Knapsack cryptosystems, to design a secure MPKC scheme (especially an encryption scheme) employing the existing trapdoor construction. In this paper, we propose a new key-exchange scheme and an MPKC scheme based on the Morphism of Polynomials (MP) problem. The security of the proposed schemes is provably reducible to the conjectured intractability of a new difficult problem, namely the Decisional Multivariate Diffie-Hellman (DMDH) problem derived from the MP problem. The proposed key agreement is one of several non-number-theory-based protocols, and is a candidate for use in the post-quantum era. More importantly, by slightly modifying the protocol, we offer an original approach to designing a secure MPKC scheme. Furthermore, the proposed encryption scheme achieves a good tradeoff between security and efficiency, and seems competitive with traditional MPKC schemes.


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