Tsinghua Science and Technology


component testing, security vulnerabilities detection, monitor log, abnormal information, string-searching


Mass monitor logs are produced during the process of component security testing. In order to mine the explicit and implicit security exception information of the tested component, the log should be searched for keyword strings. However, existing string-searching algorithms are not very efficient or appropriate for the operation of searching monitor logs during component security testing. For mining abnormal information effectively in monitor logs, an improved string-searching algorithm is proposed. The main idea of this algorithm is to search for the first occurrence of a character in the main string. The character should be different and farther from the last character in the pattern string. With this algorithm, the backward moving distance of the pattern string will be increased and the matching time will be optimized. In the end, we conduct an experimental study based on our approach, the results of which show that the proposed algorithm finds strings in monitor logs 11.5% more efficiently than existing approaches.


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