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location privacy, k-anonymity, cloaking algorithm, location-based service, mobile networks


Location privacy has been a serious concern for mobile users who use location-based services provided by third-party providers via mobile networks. Recently, there have been tremendous efforts on developing new anonymity or obfuscation techniques to protect location privacy of mobile users. Though effective in certain scenarios, these existing techniques usually assume that a user has a constant privacy requirement along spatial and/or temporal dimensions, which may be not true in real-life scenarios. In this paper, we introduce a new location privacy problem: Location-aware Location Privacy Protection (L2P2) problem, where users can define dynamic and diverse privacy requirements for different locations. The goal of the L2P2 problem is to find the smallest cloaking area for each location request so that diverse privacy requirements over spatial and/or temporal dimensions are satisfied for each user. In this paper, we formalize two versions of the L2P2 problem, and propose several efficient heuristics to provide such location-aware location privacy protection for mobile users. Through extensive simulations over large synthetic and real-life datasets, we confirm the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed L2P2 algorithms.


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