Tsinghua Science and Technology


distributed multigrid, cyber physical system, big data, seismic tomography, sensor network, in-network computing


Modern seismic sensors are capable of recording high precision vibration data continuously for several months. Seismic raw data consists of information regarding earthquake's origin time, location, wave velocity, etc. Currently, these high volume data are gathered manually from each station for analysis. This process restricts us from obtaining high-resolution images in real-time. A new in-network distributed method is required that can obtain a high-resolution seismic tomography in real time. In this paper, we present a distributed multigrid solution to reconstruct seismic image over large dense networks. The algorithm performs in-network computation on large seismic samples and avoids expensive data collection and centralized computation. Our evaluation using synthetic data shows that the proposed method accelerates the convergence and reduces the number of messages exchanged. The distributed scheme balances the computation load and is also tolerant to severe packet loss.


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