Tsinghua Science and Technology


physical activity tracking, hybrid classifier, health feedback


Lack of physical activity is becoming a killer of our healthy life. As a solution for this negative impact, we propose SmartCare to help users to set up a healthy physical activity habit. SmartCare can monitor a user’s activities over a long time, and then provide activity quality assessment and suggestion. SmartCare consists of three parts, activity recognition, energy saving, and health feedback. Activity recognition can recognize nine kinds of daily activities. A hybrid classifier that uses less power and memory with satisfactory accuracy was designed and implemented by utilizing the periodicity of target activity. In addition, a learning-based energy saver was introduced to reduce energy consumption by adjusting sampling rates and the set of features adaptively. Based on the type and duration of the activity recorded, health feedback in terms of the calorie burned was given. The system could provide quantitative activity quality assessment and recommend future physical activity plans. Through extensive real-life testing, the system is shown to achieve an average recognition accuracy of 98.0% with a minimized energy expenditure.


Tsinghua University Press