Tsinghua Science and Technology


big data, interactive query, relational database, HDFS, cross platform


The rapid growth of structured data has presented new technological challenges in the research fields of big data and relational database. In this paper, we present an efficient system for managing and analyzing PB level structured data called Banian. Banian overcomes the storage structure limitation of relational database and effectively integrates interactive query with large-scale storage management. It provides a uniform query interface for cross-platform datasets and thus shows favorable compatibility and scalability. Banian's system architecture mainly includes three layers: (1) a storage layer using HDFS for the distributed storage of massive data; (2) a scheduling and execution layer employing the splitting and scheduling technology of parallel database; and (3) an application layer providing a cross-platform query interface and supporting standard SQL. We evaluate Banian using PB level Internet data and the TPC-H benchmark. The results show that when compared with Hive, Banian improves the query performance to a maximum of 30 times and achieves better scalability and concurrency.


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