Tsinghua Science and Technology


data center networks, cloud computing, P2P, scheduling, peer-assisted data dissemination


Data Center Networks (DCNs) are the fundamental infrastructure for cloud computing. Driven by the massive parallel computing tasks in cloud computing, one-to-many data dissemination becomes one of the most important traffic patterns in DCNs. Many architectures and protocols are proposed to meet this demand. However, these proposals either require complicated configurations on switches and servers, or cannot deliver an optimal performance. In this paper, we propose the peer-assisted data dissemination for DCNs. This approach utilizes the rich physical connections with high bandwidths and mutli-path connections, to facilitate efficient one-to-many data dissemination. We prove that an optimal P2P data dissemination schedule exists for FatTree, a specially-designed DCN architecture. We then present a theoretical analysis of this algorithm in the general multi-rooted tree topology, a widely-used DCN architecture. Additionally, we explore the performance of an intuitive line structure for data dissemination. Our analysis and experimental results prove that this simple structure is able to produce a comparable performance to the optimal algorithm. Since DCN applications heavily rely on virtualization to achieve optimal resource sharing, we present a general implementation method for the proposed algorithms, which aims to mitigate the impact of the potentially-high churn rate of the virtual machines.


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