Tsinghua Science and Technology


Internet-of-things, locationing, pervasive computing, telepresence, web, web-of-things


Reality over Web (RoW) is a novel concept, where a window on the web corresponds to a window onto a real space. Once the correspondence is established, users should be able to interact or manipulate the objects or people in the real space through the web window. In this paper, we introduce the RoW concept and highlight the principles that govern its design and implementation. A system architecture for realizing the RoW concept is described along with a proof-of-concept prototype that implements portions of the RoW concept. One essential part of an RoW implementation is accurate locationing of objects and people in a video frame. The locationing problem becomes particularly challenging because we want to reuse existing infrastructure as much as possible. We developed a high-frequency sound-based locationing scheme and implemented it on the prototype. The results from initial experiments performed on the locationing scheme are reported here.


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