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Nitrogen-doped graphene microtubes with opened inner voids: Highly efficient metal-free electrocatalysts for alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction


graphene, microtubes, green chemistry, hydrogen evolution reaction, water splitting


A facile method was developed to fabricate nitrogen-doped graphene microtubes(N-GMT) with ultra-thin walls of 1–4 nm and large inner voids of 1–2 μm. Thesuccessful introduction of nitrogen dopants afforded N-GMT more active sites forsignificantly enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) activity, achieving acurrent density of 10 mA·cm–2 at overpotentials of 0.464 and 0.426 V vs. RHE in0.1 and 6 M KOH solution, respectively. This HER performance surpassed thatof the best metal-free catalyst reported in basic solution, further illustrating thegreat potential of N-GMT as an efficient HER catalyst for real applications inwater splitting and chlor-alkali processes.

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