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Sandwich-type ordered mesoporous carbon/graphene nanocomposites derived from ionic liquid


ionic liquid-derived carbon, ordered mesoporous carbon/graphene nanocomposite, 2D graphenenanocomposite, supercapacitor


Sandwich-type ordered mesoporous carbon/graphene nanocomposites weresuccessfully synthesized using 2D ordered mesoporous silica/graphene nanocompositesas the hard template and an ionic liquid as a N-rich carbon source.We used an ionic liquid of 1-(3-cyanopropyl)-3-methylimidazolium dicyanamidecontaining nitrile groups (–CN) in the cation and anion as a carbon precursorfor the preparation of the nanocomposites. Nitriles do not decompose underthermal treatment in an inert gas atmosphere, but leave significant amounts ofN-rich carbon materials. The nanocomposites had a large surface area (1,316 m2·g–1),an average pore diameter of 5.9 nm, and high electrical conductivity. The nanocompositeelectrode showed a high specific capacitance of 190 F·g–1 at 0.5 A·g–1in 1 M TEABF4/AN electrolyte and a good rate capability between 0 and 2.7 Vfor supercapacitor (or ultracapacitor) applications.

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