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Magnetically active Fe3O4 nanorods loaded with tissue plasminogen activator for enhanced thrombolysis


magnetic nanorods, drug delivery, enhanced thrombolysis, tissue plasminogenactivator, iron oxide


Systemic thrombolysis with intravenous tissue plasminogen activator (tPA)remains the only proven treatment that is effective in improving the clinicaloutcome of patients with acute ischemic stroke. However, thrombolytic therapyhas some major limitations such as hemorrhage, neurotoxicity, and the shorttime window for the treatment. In this study, we designed iron oxide (Fe3O4)nanorods loaded with 6% tPA, which could be released within ~30 min. TheFe3O4 nanorods could be targeted to blood clots under magnetic guidance. Inaddition, the release of tPA could be significantly increased using an externalrotating magnetic field, which subsequently resulted in a great improvementin the thrombolytic efficiency. Systematic and quantitative studies revealed thefundamental physical processes involved in the enhanced thrombolysis, whilethe in vitro thrombolysis assay showed that the proposed strategy could improvethrombolysis and recanalization rates and reduce the risk of tPA-mediatedhemorrhage in vivo. Such a strategy will be very useful for the treatment ofischemic stroke and other deadly thrombotic diseases such as myocardial infarctionand pulmonary embolism in clinical settings.

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