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Silk nanofibers as high efficient and lightweight air filter


silk nanofibers, air filtration, PM2.5, submicron particles, lightweight


Silk is a widely available, edible, biocompatible, and environmentally sustainablenatural material. Particulate matter (PM) pollution has drawn considerableattention because it is a serious threat to public health. Herein, we report ahuman-friendly silk nanofiber air filter, which exhibits superior filtrationefficiency for both PM2.5 and submicron particles with obviously low pressuredrop and low basis weight compared to typical commercial microfiber airfilters. Additionally, other functions such as antibacterial activity could be easilyintegrated into the silk nanofiber air filters, enabling the fabrication ofmultifunctional air filters. All the above characteristics, combined with thenatural abundance and biocompatibility of silk, suggest a great potential for theuse of silk nanofibers as air filters, especially as comfortable and personal airpurifiers.

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