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Ternary NiCoP nanosheet arrays: An excellent bifunctional catalyst for alkaline overall water splitting


bifunctional catalysts, water splitting, NiCoP nanosheets, superaerophobic electrode


Exploring bifunctional catalysts for the hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions(HER and OER) with high efficiency, low cost, and easy integration is extremelycrucial for future renewable energy systems. Herein, ternary NiCoP nanosheetarrays (NSAs) were fabricated on 3D Ni foam by a facile hydrothermal methodfollowed by phosphorization. These arrays serve as bifunctional alkaline catalysts,exhibiting excellent electrocatalytic performance and good working stability forboth the HER and OER. The overpotentials of the NiCoP NSA electrode requiredto drive a current density of 50 mA/cm2 for the HER and OER are as low as 133and 308 mV, respectively, which is ascribed to excellent intrinsic electrocatalyticactivity, fast electron transport, and a unique superaerophobic structure. WhenNiCoP was integrated as both anodic and cathodic material, the electrolyzerrequired a potential as low as ~1.77 V to drive a current density of 50 mA/cm2for overall water splitting, which is much smaller than a reported electrolyzerusing the same kind of phosphide-based material and is even better than thecombination of Pt/C and Ir/C, the best known noble metal-based electrodes.Combining satisfactory working stability and high activity, this NiCoP electrodepaves the way for exploring overall water splitting catalysts.

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