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Fully enclosed hybrid electromagnetic–triboelectric nanogenerator to scavenge vibrational energy


hybrid nanogenerator, electromagnetic, triboelectric, vibration energy, Li-ion battery


We propose a fully enclosed hybrid nanogenerator consisting of five electromagneticgenerators (EMGs) and four triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs).Under a vibration frequency of 15.5 Hz, one TENG can deliver a high outputvoltage of approximately 24 V and a low output current of approximately 24 μA,whereas one EMG can deliver a low output voltage of approximately 0.8 V anda high output current of approximately 0.5 mA. By integrating five rectifiedEMGs in series and four rectified TENGs in parallel, the hybrid nanogeneratorcan be used to charge a home-made Li-ion battery from 1 to 1.9 V in 6.3 h. Byusing the hybrid nanogenerator to scavenge the vibrational energy producedby human hands, a temperature–humidity sensor can be sustainably poweredby the nanogenerator, which is capable of charging the 200 μF system powercapacitor from 0 to 2 V in 15 s, and sustainably power the sensor in 29 s.

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