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Highly selective sorting of semiconducting single wall carbon nanotubes exhibiting light emission at telecom wavelengths


single wall carbonnanotube (SWNT), sorting, optical properties, field effect transistors


Single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) are known for their exceptional electronicproperties. However, most of the synthesis methods lead to the production of amixture of carbon nanotubes having different chiralities associated with metallic(m-SWNTs) and semiconducting (s-SWNTs) characteristics. For applicationpurposes, effective methods for separating these species are highly desired. Here,we report a protocol for achieving a highly selective separation of s-SWNTs thatexhibit a fundamental optical transition centered at 1,550 nm. We employ apolymer assisted sorting approach, and the influence of preparation methods onthe optical and transport performances of the separated nanotubes is analyzed.As even traces of m-SWNTs can critically affect performances, we aim to producesamples that do not contain any detectable fraction of residual m-SWNTs.

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