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Relief from vascular occlusion using photothermal ablation of thrombus with a multimodal perspective


platelet, fibrin, near-infrared laser, photothermal therapy, thrombolysis, streptokinase


Fibrinolytic therapy for arterial or venous thrombotic disorders involves thesystemic administration of thrombolytics such as streptokinase, which isassociated with serious bleeding complications. With this study, we provide aproof-of-concept of photothermal thrombus ablation with gold nanorodsexposed to near-infrared irradiation, both in vitro using materials generatedfrom purified fibrinogen or plasma and in vivo in murine blood vessels. This isthe first report of the application of photothermal therapy as an anti-thromboticmeasure. Remarkably, the addition of streptokinase had a multimodal additiveeffect with regard to acceleration of photothermal lysis of thrombi even at adose significantly below the therapeutic concentration, thus minimizing the lifethreateningside effects and adverse complications. This combinatorial approachexhibits great promise for lysing pathological clots while effectively overcomingthe drawbacks of existing therapies.

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