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Electromagnetic wave absorption in reduced graphene oxide functionalized with Fe3O4/Fe nanorings


Fe3O4/Fe nanorings, reduced graphene oxide, X-ray diffraction, Raman spectrum, hydrothermal method


We report the preparation of nanocomposites of reduced graphene oxide withembedded Fe3O4/Fe nanorings (FeNR@rGO) by chemical hydrothermal growth.We illustrate the use of these nanocomposites as novel electromagnetic waveabsorbing materials. The electromagnetic wave absorption properties of the nanocompositeswith different compositions were investigated. The preparationprocedure and nanocomposite composition were optimized to achieve the bestelectromagnetic wave absorption properties. Nanocomposites with a GO:α-Fe2O3mass ratio of 1:1 prepared by annealing in H2/Ar for 3 h exhibited the bestproperties. This nanocomposite sample (thickness = 4.0 mm) showed a minimumreflectivity of –23.09 dB at 9.16 GHz. The band range was 7.4–11.3 GHz whenthe reflectivity was less than –10 dB and the spectrum width was up to 3.9 GHz.These figures of merit are typically of the same order of magnitude whencompared to the values shown by traditional ferric oxide materials. However,FeNR@rGO can be readily applied as a microwave absorbing material becausethe production method we propose is highly compatible with mass productionstandards.

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