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Preparation of a magnetically recoverable nanocatalyst via cobalt-doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles and its application in the hydrogenation of nitroarenes


catalysis, doping, hydrogenation, nanoparticles, spinel phases


In this paper, we describe the facile and effective preparation of a series ofcobalt-doped Fe3O4 nanocatalysts via chemical coprecipitation in an aqueoussolution. The catalyst allowed the hydrogenation of chloronitrobenzenes tochloroanilines (CAs) to proceed at low temperatures in absolute water and atatmospheric pressure, resulting in approximately 100% yield and selectivity.Several factors that influence the yield of CAs were investigated. The resultsshowed that the suitable dosage of the catalyst was ~10 mol.% of the substrate,and the optimal reaction time, reaction temperature, and reaction pressure were20 min, 80 °C, and atmospheric pressure, respectively. Under the optimal reactionconditions, the CA yield was as high as 98.4%, and the nitro reduction rate reached100%, which indicates the excellent selectivity of the homemade catalyst. Thisprocess also overcomes the environmental pollution harms associated with thetraditional process.

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