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Uniformly dispersed FeO x atomic clusters by pulsed arc plasma deposition: An efficient electrocatalyst for improving the performance of Li–O2 battery


Li–O2 battery, FeOx atomic cluster, electrocatalyst, pulsed arc plasmadeposition (APD)


The present study explored a new method to improve the catalytic activity ofnon-precious metals, especially in electrochemical reactions. Highly ionized Feplasma produced by arc discharge was uniformly deposited on a porous carbonsubstrate and formed atomic clusters on the carbon surface. The as-preparedFeOx/C material was tested as a cathode material in a rechargeable Li–O2 batteryunder different current rates. The results showed significant improvement inbattery performance in terms of both cycle life and reaction rate. Furthermore,X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) results showedthat the as-prepared cathode material stabilized the cathode and reduced sidereactions and that the current rate was a critical factor in the nucleation of thedischarge products.

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