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Growth of large-area aligned pentagonal graphene domains on high-index copper surfaces


pentagonal graphene, copper foil, high index plane, chemical vapor deposition, large area


Single-crystal graphene domains grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD)intrinsically tend to have a six-fold symmetry; however, several factors caninfluence the growth kinetics, which can in turn lead to the formation of graphenewith different shapes. Here we report the growth of oriented large-area pentagonalsingle-crystal graphene domains on Cu foils by CVD. We found that high-indexCu planes contributed selectively to the formation of pentagonal graphene. Ourresults indicated that lattice steps present on the crystalline surface of theunderlying Cu promoted graphene growth in the direction perpendicular to thesteps and finally led to the disappearance of one of the edges forming a pentagon.In addition, hydrogen promoted the formation of pentagonal domains. This workprovides new insights into the mechanism of graphene growth.

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