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Preparation of stimuli-responsive nano-sized capsules based on cyclodextrin polymers with redox or light switching properties


nanocapsule, cyclodextrin, ferrocene, azobenzene, stimuli-responsive materials, encapsulation


We report the preparation and encapsulation properties of stimuli-responsivenanocapsules, self-assembled by the noncovalent interactions of cyclodextrinappendedpolymers (host) and complementary ferrocene or azobenzene carriers(guest). The encapsulation process was significantly accelerated by applying(electro) chemical or light stimulus, enabling the easier and faster diffusion ofguest molecules through the polymer layers. The nanocapsules were characterizedby dynamic light scattering, confocal microscopy, ESEM, AFM, UV–visible andfluorescence spectroscopy, and electrochemical techniques. The encapsulationand release properties of the nanocapsules were reversible and could be repeatedseveral times, indicating that the prepared nanoassemblies are very stable.

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