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Multi-dimensionally ordered, multi-functionally integrated r-GO@TiO2(B)@Mn3O4 yolk–membrane–shell superstructures for ultrafast lithium storage


yolk–membrane–shellsuperstructure, TiO2(B), Mn3O4, reduced graphene oxide, lithium-ion battery


TiO2(B) is an attractive new anode candidate for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) dueto its unique and highly desirable properties, including high structural integrity,long cycle life, and low cost. However, despite these merits, its inherent slowlithium and electron transport kinetics hinder its practical application to LIBs.Here, we propose a novel, simple route towards multi-dimensionally ordered,multi-functionally integrated reduced graphene oxide (r-GO)@TiO2(B)@Mn3O4yolk–membrane–shell superstructures in which r-GO nanosheets, TiO2(B)nanosheets, and Mn3O4 nanoparticles are hierarchically organized to achieveremarkable synergistic interactions. This hybridization design is fundamentallybilateral in nature, aiming to overcome the conductivity and capacity deficienciesof TiO2(B) simultaneously. The resulting r-GO@TiO2(B)@Mn3O4 yolk–membrane–shell superstructures have great potential as advanced anode materials for ultrafastlithium storage, delivering a strikingly high reversible capacity of 662 mA·h·g−1at 500 mA·g−1 after 500 charge–discharge cycles.

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