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Combining infrared and mode synthesizing atomic force microscopy: Application to the study of lipid vesicles inside Streptomyces bacteria


nanoscale subsurfaceimaging, atomic force microscopy, acoustic microscopy, infrared microscopy, biology


We propose a new analytical approach combining vibrational spectroscopy andacoustic tomography for the detection and characterization of vesicles insideStreptomyces bacteria. Using atomic force microscopy and infrared spectroscopy(AFM-IR), we detect the presence of triglyceride vesicles. Their sizes in depth aremeasured with high accuracy using mode synthesizing atomic force microscopy(MS-AFM). We conducted a comparative study of AFM-IR and MS-AFM, andhighlighted the advantages of the coupling of these techniques in having a fullcharacterization (chemical, topographical, and volumetric) of a biological sample.With these complementary techniques, a complete access to the vesicle sizedistribution has been achieved with an accuracy of less than 50 nm. A 3Dreconstruction of bacteria showing the in-depth distribution of vesicles is givento underline the great potential of the acoustic method.

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