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Multicomponent platinum-free nanoporous Pd-based alloy as an active and methanol-tolerant electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction


direct methanol fuel cells, oxygen reduction reaction, methanol tolerance, electrocatalyst, nanoporous alloys, dealloying


Development of high-performance oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalystsis crucial to improve proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Herein, amulticomponent nanoporous PdCuTiAl (np-PdCuTiAl) electrocatalyst has beensynthesized by a facile one-step dealloying strategy. The np-PdCuTiAl catalystexhibits a three-dimensional bicontinuous interpenetrating ligament/channelstructure with an ultrafine length scale of ~3.7 nm. The half-wave potential ofnp PdCuTiAl is 0.873 V vs. RHE, more positive than those of PdC (0.756 V vs.RHE) and PtC (0.864 V vs. RHE) catalysts. The np-PdCuTiAl alloy shows a4-electron reaction pathway with similar Tafel slopes to PtC. Remarkably, thehalf-wave potential shows a negative shift of only 12 mV for np-PdCuTiAl inthe presence of methanol, and this negative shift is much lower than thoseof the PdC (50 mV) and PtC (165 mV) catalysts. The enhanced ORR activity ofnp-PdCuTiAl has been further rationalized through density functional theorycalculations.

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