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Low-temperature quantum transport in CVD-grown single crystal graphene


high-quality chemical vapor deposition (CVD)-graphene, low-temperaturemagnetotransport, quantum Hall effect, weak localization


Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is typically used for large-scale graphenesynthesis for practical applications. However, the inferior electronic propertiesof CVD graphene are one of the key problems to be solved. Therefore, we presenta detailed study on the electronic properties of high-quality single-crystalmonolayer graphene. The graphene is grown via CVD on copper, by usinga cold-wall reactor, and then transferred to Si/SiO2. Our low-temperaturemagneto-transport data demonstrate that the characteristics of the single-crystalCVD graphene samples are superior to those of polycrystalline graphene andhave a quality which is comparable to that of exfoliated graphene on Si/SiO2.The Dirac point in our best samples occurs at back-gate voltages lower than10 V, and a maximum mobility of 11,000 cm2/(V·s) is attained. More than 12 flatand discernible half-integer quantum Hall plateaus occur under a highmagnetic field on both the electron and hole sides of the Dirac point. At a lowmagnetic field, the magnetoresistance exhibits a weak localization peak. Usingthe theory of McCann et al., we obtain inelastic scattering lengths of >1 μm,even at the charge neutrality point of the samples.

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