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Low-temperature processed solar cells with formamidinium tin halide perovskite/fullerene heterojunctions


lead-free perovskite, perovskite solar cells, low-temperature process, fullerene, molybdenum oxide


A new type of lead-free, formamidinium (FA)-based halide perovskites, FASnI2Br, are investigated as light-harvesting materials for low-temperature processed p–i–n heterojunction solar cells with different configurations. The FASnI2Br perovskite, with a band-gap of 1.68 eV, exhibits optimal photovoltaic performance after low-temperature annealing at 75 °C. By using C60 as electron-transport layer, the device yields a hysteresis-less power conversion efficiency of 1.72%. The possible use of an inorganic MoOx film as a new type of independent hole-transport layer for the present tin-based perovskite solar cells is also demonstrated.

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